Symposium Experts Talking on User Experience

With an intention to facilitate the exchange of experience among professionals engaged in UX-related fields, to promote the application of UX in product design, to safeguard customers an active and fruitful experience scientifically and to boost the commercial values of UX design in rendering more competitive products, UXPA China sincerely welcomes all the professionals in the field, both practitioners from enterprises and researchers from institutions of higher learning, to submit their papers and research findings.


The years from 2004 to 2019 has seen China’s economic boom as well as the flourishing of UXPA China. It is in this decade that UX as a profession has gained increasing momentum and found application to made-in-China products and consequently has earned recognition and respect from the international community. Therefore, UXPA China would like to take this opportunity to extend heartfelt thanks to all those involved in UX, as their participation has boosted the development of UX as a profession, has deepened the exchanges across disciplines, and more importantly, has rendered the success of various individual talents, UX teams, enterprises as well as their products. In order to facilitate exchanges between UX professionals from various disciplines and the very development of UX, we have further classified the themes for submitted papers with an intention to present a better and more faithful record of UX’ development in the past decade. Anybody interested in UX is more than welcome to submit your paper crystallizing your UX-related experience and the charm of Chinese UXers. Your submission will be truly appreciated.

Related Topics& Types of Submission

Potential topics in the conference should be related to usability, Human-Computer Interaction, human factors engineering, ergonomics, user experience and any other subtopics. Specifically, they include but are not limited to usability/user experience methodology, cases, team building and management, UCD process building, UCD cost/benefit assessment and prediction, and the promotion, commercial values and training programs of UX etc.

Acceptable scope includes but is not limited to internet-related products, telecommunications products, household appliances, and IT and digital products.

research reports of empirical studies; literature review of certain related topics Professional.

articles summarizing technology and managing experience for exchange, usually literature-supported.

Note: In order that your paper will be smoothly transferred to the review stage, you are advised to indicate the type of your submission in the SUBJECT of your mail to us by following the suggested format “professional article/academic paper-title of your paper-organization/name of university”.
For the sake of fairness, all the papers authored by the organizing committee members or the guest reviewers will by no means be reviewed and thus awarded.

Paper Review

Expert Reviewer Committee


Preliminary Review


Final Review

Index Elements Industry Articles Academic Papers
Professional Value It should detect the mainstream of certain field, rules & thread of its development, potential problems and unexplored issues so as to further professional research. 25% 25%
Practical Value Research methods and findings should be applicable to practical work and with practical and theoretical values. 30% 10%
Innovation It should present new findings or new viewpoints, not just confined to replication studies. 20% 15%
Methodological Precision It should elucidate the origin, rationale, details, and past applications of the research method involved and how it is related to the present research. 15% 30%
Paper Structure It should be well organized, logically reasoned, academically worded, properly referenced and in proper length. 10% 20%
Expert Reviewer Committee

Authors of the papers included in the symposium

  • receive a free copy of the symposium
  • receive an official certificate
  • be publicized on the official website.

Winners of the Best Academic Essay and the Best Industry Article

  • be rewarded a free full package (Package 1) of User Friendly 2019(50% off for workshop participation)
  • be awarded Certificate of the Best Paper on the conference.
  • be conferred two copies of the symposium .
  • be publicized on the official website.
For the sake of fairness, all the papers authored by the organizing committee members or the guest reviewers will by no means be reviewed and thus awarded.
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